Ryan Dobson
Founder & Disruptor

Ryan Dobson is leading a rebellion not for the faint of heart. It’s a rebellion that fights for the hearts and souls of parents and families. Our culture has been tipped on its head over the past 20 years, and therefore the approach to helping families get healthy has to be profound. It was this mindset and understanding of culture that prompted Ryan and his wife, Laura, to found REBEL Parenting. Ryan has combined his natural abilities and passion for public speaking to significantly engage and challenge parents and families in every stage of life…but in a revolutionary way. NOTHING is "off the table." The old rules about "What you can & can't talk about" have been thrown out the window!! The state of marriage and parenting is in such a state that “leading a rebellion” may be the most effective way to bring healing and help. It is this atmosphere of total honestly, grace, truth and love that the messiness of this life can finds wholeness.

Ryan is no stranger to strengthening marriages and parents. He is a product of successful parenting, living a very public life as the son of America’s foremost family expert, author and radio broadcasting parenting specialist Dr. James Dobson. He launched his own radio broadcast with the purpose of “building passion and identity in Christ followers.” For two years running he had nearly 10 million listens. He then helped his dad found “Family Talk” and also served as the Vice President of the broadcast.

With that rich background, he left “Family Talk” to begin REBEL Parenting because “to impact a culture like ours, sometimes you have to start a REBELLION.” Why? Because marriage is hard, parenting is harder. The struggle is real. But, it’s always worth it. As Ryan has said, “The value of having a great marriage is beyond description. Being close with your kids beyond comparison.”

Laura Dobson
Co-Founder & Host

“Don’t just sit there, do something” has been the narrative of Laura Dobson’s life. Tracing her history of doing the right things at the right time will encourage you to join with her newest endeavor. Her ministry experience and leadership began before she graduated from Cal State Northridge with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health Administration. She was a leader and facilitator with “Youth With A Mission” and for over 10 years. Through “Surfers for Missions International Outreach”, she has led international surf missions in a number of countries including Portugal, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the Netherlands. As a board member and coach with GAP Youth Training, she embodies their heart and passion to empower, inspire and help people to impact their community. Along with her husband, Ryan, they founded REBEL Parenting, an organization which speaks boldly to couples and parents in a way rarely visited in Christian circles. Frederick Douglass said, “…the thing worse than rebellion is the things that causes rebellion.” Her unique ministry experiences along with the seasons experienced by most couples…courtship, marriage, kids, school decisions, has given her particular insights making huge differences in the landscape of
relationships. Marriage and parenting in our world is in a state of chaos and in need of someone to lead the charge to stop the decline. Without apology, Laura and Ryan have decided to “cut to the chase” of the issues destroying lives speaking frankly and directly to bring healing. Her non-judgmental style is able to ask hard and awkward questions without condemning. Her vulnerability encourages and allows people to share core issues. Some have rightly described her as strong and yet gentle and gracious…qualities that have placed Laura at the leading edge of helping families to become whole and healthy.

Kristin Chadwick
Producer & Co-Host

Kristin Chadwick is a proud wife to Joshua and Mama to four kids, including a set of twins. Kristin became a broadcast producer in 2016 and helped start REBEL Parenting from the grassroots to the TOP 25 Kids and Family iTunes podcast.  Kristin has since become our director, speaking agent, guest relations specialist, content writer, social media expert, co-host of “Moms on the Mic,” and is currently working on her first book. She loves learning, growing, inspiring and empowering all those around her.  She brings her faith, experience, humor, and organization to our REBEL team.

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