Corona Virus Show Notes 3.17.2020

Show Notes: 3.17.2020

Trolls etc. to release early on home entertainment.

Take this opportunity to clean up your living space, studies show that cleaning improves happiness, and a clean space reduces anxiety, which all of us could use right now.

1. Get a start to your day! Set an alarm, make your bed & actually get dressed.

2. Get some exercise. Take a walk, get some sun, make time to workout!

3. Make a schedule. Time can get by you very quickly so make a schedule (try one for your kids too)

4. Over communicate with co-workers. Don’t go silent. You don’t want to be forgotten and have your bosses wondering if they really need you or not when things go back to normal.

5. Set specific goals, send them to your superiors and follow through

6. If you live alone be aware of isolation. Get on facetime, xbox live with friends, make a phone call to loved ones

7. Don’t work from the couch. Set work times and when work is done, let it be done!

8. When work is done spend some quality time with your kids & spouse.

9. Use this time to work on intimacy in marriage & parenting! Luci & I have been bowling. Take Date nights (where safe) with spouse. Linc & I are still watching movies!

When talking to your kids, DON’T FREAK THEM OUT! We don’t have to share EVERYTHING with our children. The disruption is bad enough as it is without scaring your kids. Look & turn to the Lord in prayer. Show kids your faith in action!

- Board games, puzzles, get them in the kitchen cooking with you! Look up some recipes online & try them out together. What semi-long term projects can you all do together? Your kids are watching you! Values are “caught” not “taught”

If you're home with extra time on your hands, check out MIT OpenCourseWare, a free educational service featuring virtually all of MIT's courses.

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