Valentine’s Day...Hear Me Out.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. To some, this day brings up joy and excitement over gift giving for your spouse, for others it may bring up the guilt of “Gosh, I really should put more effort into my marriage.” Those “should’s” and “supposed-to’s” can really just choke out the fun. For me personally, I thought- why don’t I put together a list of possible ideas for those of us who have been married for awhile and encourage each other to take the plunge to do SOMETHING on this fun holiday. (PS...I know there are some people who cringe at the fuss of Valentine’s Day...but let’s just be adventurous and make the first move)

1. Bring back the mixed tape vibes and create a playlist on Spotify/Amazon Music/iTunes just

for your spouse. If you need help, you can always search for music playlist in the romantic category whether it’s folk, classical, hip hop, etc.

2. Meet each other at the gym while the kids are at school and do a workout.

3. Go out to brunch after school drop off or lunch. Or you can always meet back at home for lunch.  (Wink,Wink)

4. Buy his/her favorite candy- doesn’t have to be heart shaped…

5. Bring your spouse their favorite cup of coffee/tea.

6. Text them during the day and tell them how much you appreciate them and think they are handsome/beautiful.

7. Find a sitter and plan an evening out in the future. (Swapping with friends or family is always helpful and saves money!)

8. Watch an old movie you used to like when you first dated- for us it would probably be “The Jerk.”

9. Make each other a favorite meal.

10. Have the kids write out date ideas for Mom and Dad and pick out of the jar and do it!

11. Listen to a podcast you both enjoy and talk about it together; I’ve heard Rebel Parenting has some great podcasts on intimacy. ;)

12. Get your creative juices flowing and try a little romantic poetry.

13. Simple affection- 5 second kiss when you greet each other.

14. Hold hands.

15. Be present. Put away the phone for the evening and just be with each other.

I know there are more ideas out there. Pinterest is full of amazing ones, I am sure.  These are doable for a working, full-time mama. I hope you can find one or two to INTENTIONALLY do on Friday.  Enjoy!

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