REBEL Parenting Podcast

Ryan & Laura's podcasts have been downloaded more than one million times! Four times a week to help you upgrade your marriage and parenting tools and skills. The best authors, speakers and leaders helping all of us get better in our marriage and building our families. Click here to subscribe!

Marriage Seminars

Ryan & Laura travel throughout the country teaching couples how to have a better marriage today. From overcoming past trauma, fixing problems in the bedroom, to communication and how to fight fairly, this REBEL couple is here to help! Email if you'd like to have one or both of us come to your church or small group

Parenting Seminars

Anger, discipline, behavioral & emotional issues? Parenting is full of hurdles and challenges. Today's parents are facing challenges unlike any generation before! With grace and humor Ryan and Laura Dobson can help you gain the confidence and tools to handle these demanding times. Email if you'd like to have one or both of us come to your church or small group

Charity Fundraising

Ryan Dobson has been fundraising for almost three decades with an incredibly high success rate. He has raised more than 30 million dollars for Pregnancy Resource Centers, Gospel Rescue Missions, Christian Schools and Camps and more. He is high energy and has a knack for energising audiences and motivating givers.  Email us for more information on booking Ryan for your event.

Home Safe

Home Safe is a new, training seminar empowering parents with the strategies and tools to protect their families at church, school, in public places, and at home. As the world grows increasingly complicated and uncertain, Home Safe offers solutions to address threats such as mass shootings, home break-ins, online predators, and more. Presented by parenting expert Ryan Dobson, who grew up in a high-profile family in which security was a constant concern, the seminar walks parents through the myriad of threats, and offers immediate specifics on how to address them. The Home Safe Guide that accompanies the seminar serves as a critical reference tool so families don’t have to rely on hope, rather relying on an attitude of “Ready, Able, and Willing” to deal with any threat. Click here for more info!

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